2023 will be Meta's Year of Efficiency. Let's comb through their playbook for techniques to apply in our own day to day work.
Software developers do more than writing code all day long. Look at the job as a whole and you’ll find many orthogonal ways to improve.
Your work is embedded in a network of context and knowledge. If you want to collaborate efficiently, leave breadcrumbs for your collaborators to access…
Knowledge work is open-ended. For every task you finish, there are two you could start. But rest is vital. Here are three ideas to help you put a hard…
Many knowledge work activities have a way of requiring you to feed more time into them. Timeboxing offers a way to keep these time-hungry activities at…
Want to enjoy your work more? Take a page from the lumberjack’s playbook and do more of it outside.
Being stuck on a problem is the commonest trouble of all. It’s the default state, the starting point. It’s a sign you found something worth solving.
Give yourself the best chance to stick with your New Year's resolutions by making them into systems, not goals.
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